Chicago-based disabled dreaded alt model, also known as Izrah Lioneye.
Heard I suck a good dick, and can hook a steak up. ;]

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nudeladies14 asked
I just have to say that you take the most sensual pictures I've seen on Tumblr. So beautiful! Are all of your poses fairly spontaneous or do you just go with it?

Wow thanks so much! I just go with it. There’s always poses I have running through my head or ideas of what I see I try to channel but I usually pose like whatever feels right.

phuziepheet asked
Ok. Talk to me about gluten free lasagna. That sounds interesting. You into the gluten free stuff? I need to start eating better. i don't eat for emotional reasons I just like food. A LOT. The world is full of pretty girls, but pretty ones who are fun to chat with and can cook? Much smaller sampling pool. I am impressed.

I feel you Im a huge foodie too, I watch Food Network on the regular. I need to stay away from gluten, its not good for my digestion at all. Its really difficult to be GF, especially when you have to eat out you barely have any choices.

Anonymous asked
Do you mind if friends bring up your pics n vids when you chill??

Well I mean I dont care if they look but yeah I guess thats odd seeing as Im right fucking there.

Anonymous asked
do u do titty tuesday and ass wednesday on twitter too?

I usually x-post but yeah I should start doing them seperately.

membakatrina asked
Can I slide my long thick dick on ur clit till u cum once n I'll leave 😇

Well thats a huge tease!

andrewlannigan asked
do i have to be of 18 to follow u

Yeah that would be the start. I cant believe thats actually not on my page yet but I havent been able to change my description since my blog started going through its teenage rebellion stage sooo. Kinda just have to have faith in common sense.

phuziepheet asked
I think the most important question to ask is: How good is your lasagna?

Out of this motherfucking WORLD bro. I personally dont put beef in mine unless its bison, otherwise its chicken or turkey. And its got hella veggies and is gluten-free so everyone wins. 😆

ironman4876 asked
Can I fuck u cuz u look so darn sexy

Well since you asked so nicely…

Day 20 of #SPAD2014: 4/20 Flatlay! Juuust found out what the hell a flatlay even is lol #lateagain #isuckatdailys

Day 20 of #SPAD2014: 4/20 Flatlay! Juuust found out what the hell a flatlay even is lol #lateagain #isuckatdailys

9 Dead, 32 Wounded in Weekend Chicago Violence


This is unreal

(Source: thepoliticalfreakshow)